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Immersive escape ROOMS

EVENT game design

We create live gaming experiences for all those who need them, cos’ people gotta play, right?

With FUN at the heart of everything we do, each game is meticulously designed to get shrieks and spasms of utter joy with escape rooms and immersive games for events and venues across the UK. We’ve created games that have entertained over twelve thousand beautiful and bewildered souls, with more to come (exciting details coming soon). If you’re an Escape Game owner or if you want a pop up / portable immersion experience for your festival or event, then we can help.

Our experience in making and running games for premium pub venues, festivals and weddings have thousands of warming 5 star reviews from all those joy seekers.
Whether you are player, or a fellow purveyor of play, sign up below to be the first in the know.

"Every child is playful, the problem is remaining so once grown up"

A quote nabbed and repurposed from Picasso that sums up why we do what we do.
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