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We specialise in interactive theatre and immersion with live gameplay to create an entirely new experience, all in the name of that good stuff called FUN!

Our Story

It all began in a wardrobe…

After playing an escape room in 2014, Ben Tucker created a clue based game with a British twist of comedy and immersive theatre.
Now hundreds of players visit Lady Chastity every week as they attempt to solve her clues and win her fabled bottle of aphrodisiac wine.
The thrill of entertaining clue seekers had Ben and his team making three more permanent and portable gaming experiences across 12 UK venues and events.
The latest offering promises to raise the gaming experience bar even higher, watch this space…

Players Entertained

Since 2015

unique games

Venues and events

Games played

5 star reviews

The experience curve

The experience industry is on the rise. We’re all looking for something new and different to do.
The BuckBuck team have been designing and running immersive experiences since 2015, each one an evolution of the last, our games intend to keep surprising and delighting those unsuspecting thrill seekers.

Events and venues

We bring the games to you.
Specially tailored for your event, BuckBuck games can be set up short term for events, or installed long term at venues that wish to become a gaming destination. Our game hosts are armed with clues, contraptions and prizes that will get everyone into a playful mood.

Serious about silliness

Our scriptwriters, actors, puzzle designers, programmers and art directors all work toward that one goal of giving people a great time.
The FUN. The whole FUN. And nothing but the FUN.

What We Offer

Gaming experience

Creating and running quality team games at venues and events for over 12000 customers since 2015

Dedicated players

We have a huge following of gamers and experience seekers we love to entertain

Bizarre clues and contraptions

Our games are designed to offer more than the average escape room. We would tell you to expect the unexpected, but you’re probably expecting that!

Comedic storylines

Our games are made to be enjoyed whether you solve them or not, you’re bound to have a laugh trying

Immersive actors

Each game host is dedicated to maximising fun for teams and players, this often involves playing with the players themselves. Fun all round!

Quality reviews

Over 1500 five star reviews and counting from working with the best hosts and venues in the UK
Game Reviews

What People are Saying

“Wonderfully silly”

“…themed to an extent no other game has managed, with an innuendo-drenched storyline woven throughout the clues, and a hilarious performance from the game’s host.”

Ashleigh Arnott
Time Out

“Immersive Crystal Maze”

“An immersive Crystal Maze style game to win Lady Chastity’s aphrodisiac wine.”

Rachel Sigee
The Evening Standard

“Goonies skills”

“It was fantastic. We were bonding over our collective determination and equal ineptitude! One of my friend’s loved the fact she got to test out her Goonies skills!”

Mariella de Souza
Design My Night

“When’s the next game?!”

“Cannot praise this game enough! We loved everything from the puzzles to the host. Another amazing game. Ready for another!”

Josie S
Trip Advisor